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Absolutely LOVE Bones & Glass!

from Anonymous

Bones and Glass is most definitely a worthwhile read. Very intense. Looking forward to more Magnus soon. Readers, you can find Bones and Glass here.

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PROMPT: Tom meets a nanny/au pair who lives in his building and/or keeps running into, like the movie "the nanny diaries" with Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson. If this has already been done can you please direct me to the story? Thank you!!!

from Anonymous

Hmm, I definitely don’t think we’ve had a fic like that yet. I think that could be a fun, fluffy fic. Maybe someone will want to write something like this. Fingers crossed!

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The prompt where drunk Tom comes home and sees his gf using a vibrator is from riddlemetitillatedhiddles /post/35141782907/a-n-this-is-from-the-following-prompt-i

from ooizo

Damn! I knew it was one of Kerry’s, but I read all of her stuff, and sometimes it gets jumbled in my head. Man, I feel bad now. lol. The Substitute can be found right here. Thanks, copanhagan.

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"The People We Were" by queen-of-the-north has an OC named Sarah. (Sort of plugging, I betaed that. :D )

from nothingsbeenthesamesincenewyork

Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. Readers, you can find The People We Were right here.

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The story where Loki falls down a beach is called, I think, Fallen.

from Anonymous

Yes! I do believe that is it. Readers, you can find Fallen right here. Thank you very much for reminding me!

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Can I say how much I want that King Henry and Catherine story! I want it so much!!!!!! Please someone make it happen!

from Anonymous

Do you mean this prompt? I agree with you there. I think that would be an amazing story to read. Hopefully someone will consider writing this prompt.

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Wasnt there a fic of tom where he came home drunk to find his gf with a vibrator??? Its anotger atory with a vibrator and i think therea another but i cant for the life of me think of it.

from butterfaceperson101-deactivated

Oh! That sounds really familiar, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what the title is. Gah! Readers, can you help me out? Do you guys remember what the fic was with drunk Tom and his gf using a vibrator?

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so sorry to bother you, but do you know of any hiddles fanfic where the OC is named Sarah? (if one of yours has it, my bad)

from Anonymous

I’m gonna open this one up to the readers. Do we have any fics with an OC named Sarah? I can’t recall any off the top of my head. I feel like such a bad admin.

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What is the name of the story when Loki fell down to earth and a girl found him on the beach and now they live together?

from Anonymous

Oh, goodness. I’m not entirely sure which Loki fic that is. Readers, do you happen to remember which one this is?

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Prompt Fill: Masturbating Loki 

The book in his hands made an audible slapping sound as he slammed it shut, tossing it across the room.  His books weren’t giving him the much needed reprieve he needed right now. 

He hauls himself to his feet, pacing slowly around the bright white room; his cell.  He runs a frustrated hand through his hair.  He’d let his thoughts run away with him again, and now his body was demanding satisfaction. 

He snorted; as if they’d grant THAT sort of request. 

He plopped back down onto his bed, resting his head back against the wall.  He closed his eyes, and if he concentrated enough, he could see her there, standing at the foot of his bed. 

Her golden hair glints in the brightness of the room, falling in loose, glossy curls down to her waist, but it’s her smile that truly illuminates it.  He takes a ragged breath.

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Tom couldn’t remember a time when he’d felt better. The sun was just beginning to lighten the sky outside his bedroom window, and the birds were making the loveliest racket in the trees. He wondered, briefly, how he managed to sleep through it most mornings. He knew perfectly well why he wasn’t sleeping through it now, though the delicious pull of approaching slumber was already making his eyelids heavy. He inhaled deeply, a sigh of contentment slowly escaping him as he luxuriated in the warmth of Lauren’s skin soft against his own.

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It’s cold in this room. 

You’re standing in front of the fireplace, trying desperately to bask in its warmth, standing as close as you can to it without burning yourself.  You cling to the thin silk scarf that you’re using to cover your bare shoulders made so by the dress you’re wearing, but it’s not doing much good.

You’d been chosen.  You don’t know how, or why, but you have. You’ve been chosen to be his tonight.  Since you walked in, his eyes were only locked on you. 

You could feel him stalking your every move, hovering just out of the edge of your sight, but you knew he was there.  His gaze was almost a physical caress on your body.

In front of everyone else, he was sweet, charming, and absolutely adorable; his inner animal was visible only to you.

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I actually wrote this ages ago, my first “Tomfic” so to speak, so its kind of my baby. (Just like him but that’s a whoooole other story ;)) Anyways kudos to kanevixen who is always inspirational and thanks to her my creative juices are flowing again. Luv ya luv!!! A mixture of pure unadulterated marshmallow sweet fluff and smutty goodness.

She walked into her apartment after what felt like the longest day of her life and breathed a sigh of relief. Her keys had gone missing a week earlier and all day she’d had the gnawing feeling that she’d forgotten and thus locked herself out. Thankfully she hadn’t.  Though she had left her apartment unlocked all day which wasn’t exactly the safest practice in the world. The thought struck her as suddenly as a strange smell assailed her nostrils as she shut the front door behind her. It smelled like pizza in her apartment, and she knew darned well that she did not have any pizza in the place, let alone hot.

Tip toeing to the kitchen she let out the nervous breath she’d been holding when she saw him standing at her kitchen sink. Deep down she’d known it was him the moment she opened the door, she always sensed it somehow when he was around. Propping herself up against the doorway, she folded her arms over her waist and watched him closely.

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A/n – Hoping it’s okay so far, feedback is welcome, hope you enjoy!

Chapter 5 –

‘Who decides fate? Who decides our destiny? Whoever does can seem cruel yet compassionate all at once. People complain about how often their own ‘fate’ has ruined or changed for the worst in their lives, but sometimes, do you ever stop to think that maybe our fate is somehow coursed from our own actions? I once believed that fate was fate…but once I truly looked into my heart, it was clear…the answers revealed to me.’

I sat in the coffee shop with Cathy a few days after meeting with Tom. Neither one of us had brought up the situation again because I refused to let it ruin the time I had left in London. I knew, by how things were going with John and I that we weren’t going to live here. Tom had I had become very close to one another but I realised that this was dangerous territory, for the both of us. Cathy had shown me that this wasn’t a friendship, per say, but near the opposite. She explained it to me that it seemed it was the beginning of the relationship…I still wanted him as my friend though I didn’t want to lose Tom.

But selfishly I was hurt that he was engaged which was completely stupid as so was I. I thought by how I was reacting to this, it would be best to forget everything and say goodbye to Tom. He still had his life to peruse in acting while it was time I focused on the book. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I saw the name I knew would be there – Tom… I sighed and placed the phone on the table, still hoping he would try and call back later. I knew if I was alone I would accept the call, even though my brain would be shouting at me to not do it.

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TITLE: The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth
AUTHOR: kanevixen / theothercourse
GENRE: Comedy/Drama/Romance/Erotica (eventually)
FIC SUMMARY:  In the summer of 2009, Tom Hiddleston is starring as Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Globe with his New Yorker friend, Terry. Kristiane, Terry’s best friend, visits to see opening night and spend a two week vacation in London, but to also hide from her life in NYC. A love story with a twist, a splash of drama, a sprinkling of Shakespeare and a generous helping of romance.
RATING: Mature (for smut)

AUTHORS NOTES:A very special thank you to albionscastle for being ever so patient with me and sweetoceancloud for the beta and sing-hummingbird-sing for the guidance. Feedback is always welcome, even if it’s just the little heart.

Ch 1 - Ch 2 - Ch 3 - Ch 4

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth - Chapter 5

‘Tom Hiddleston: ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely…’ Before noon and probably before coffee but I thought you might forgive me long enough for me to ask how you are. – Tom’

It was Tuesday morning, and I’d been awake for about an hour preparing for my day out with my best friend when my text notification sounded. Despite my warnings for using Shakespeare before the appropriate time, he was beginning to create a theme. He was stretching my creativity beyond my means when I should still be asleep. Should I feel flattered that he intimated that I was pretty?

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