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Moving House

Chapter 13:

A/N: I`m on a role today. Special appearance by Mumford and Sons and Carey Mulligan in this chapter. Enjoy <3

We made our way to Tom’s house for him to quickly change into something more comfortable. You always wonder what celebrities houses are like; well I do anyway, so I was surprised to see that it was a relatively small yet cosy house.

A simple living room with cream walls, a black leather sofa with a few chairs off to the side, a flat screen at the side of the room opposite the sofa, a mirror above the mantel piece with a few letters and cards from fans and a bookshelf in the corner of the room which held god knows how many books.

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Prompt: Taking care of Tom when he is sick.

“You don’t look so well.” You say as you feel his forehead.

“I’m okay.” Tom croaks as he sits down on the chair behind him. 

“No, you’re not.” You say as your hand burns from the touch. “You have a fever.”

You quickly pull him up from the chair and he leans on you with a hand draped over your shoulder as you help him up the stairs into his bedroom.

“Go take a hot shower.” You say sternly with force. “And lie back down afterwards.”

Tom closes the bathroom door and shortly afterwards, you hear the sound of running water.

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Second chapter! Hoping this takes off nicely J By the way, I didn’t want to give Lixen too many details because I want her background to be ambiguous enough so you guys can just impose your identity on her and be the main character! Lixen is just a long-standing name I’ve had a thing for.  If you were to ask me, I’m Asian, so as I write this, I have a whole different image and perception of her.  But! I didn’t want to limit it for you guys, so, yep, I won’t be going into details about her ethnicity, home country and whatnot. 

If This Isn’t Love: Chapter 2

So.  Two weeks later, here I am.  Booted right out of my current, sorry, previous place and scooted right into Tom Hiddleston’s apartment.  By Sarah.  Tom’s cousin. Oh. Good. God. Lixen, what have you gotten yourself into?  You could hardly meet your crush’s eyes the last time you were in highschool.  And now? Now you will be living with Tom Hiddleston.  Who works with your imaginary husband.  Not so imaginary I guess, we’re only separated by one person!  Ah, glee. 

Note to self: Do not screech like a harridan when face-to-face with Tom, begging for a chance to meet Chris.  No.  Not even if it would mean this could spark of some love-at-first-sight meeting with Chris which would result in beautiful babies and a I-could-die-happy Lixen.  Absolutely. Not. 

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A/N: Here is chapter one of the revised Love and Let Go. I hope you guys like it! =)

My heart clenched painfully as I watched them. It was so hard. So hard to watch him hug her, kiss her, love her, when I knew the truth. How every time he hugged her, kissed her, loved her, he was thinking of me. Thinking about how it felt to hug me, kiss me, love…ME. I’m not saying he didn’t love her. No…he loved her very much. He just was IN love with me.

We couldn’t help it. We couldn’t stay away from each other if we tried. And we did try. It was better for both of us not to be together, but the magnetic attraction between us was too hard to fight. It was my choice to go down this dangerous path we walked. I chose to love him in secret. It was better this way. We didn’t have to deal with the disapproving looks, or the hurtful words. It could just be him and I together. Of course when we started this journey, she wasn’t a part of it. When I made my decision to leave him, he began dating her a few months after. It hurt to know that he had moved on so quickly, but I felt guilty for being jealous. I had no right to be jealous, since I ended things with us.

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oe: Then


“You are going to love this, trust me.”

“I don’t know, Joe, I haven’t been out to a bar in so long! I mean, I’m a wife, a mother, it just seems kind of inappropriate for me to be out.”

I roll my eyes at my best friend. I feel terrible for her because she has run herself ragged in the last few months and she desperately needs time off. Emma is still in school and Izzie is nearly one. Tom has recently returned from a long trip to Los Angeles, so I know that he is more than willing to hang out with the girls, spending quality time while Sam has a night off. She has been pushing herself so hard to make sure the girls are taken care of, the household keeps running, and her books still get written and she has not even been able to achieve a full night’s sleep.

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Pay As You Go.

A/N: Since I can’t exactly ring up my lovely followers and thank them for their continuous support without a hefty phone bill, I figured a bit of phone sex was needed. This is for all you lovely people.

Warnings: Explicit sexual content and language.

Tom Hiddleston/Reader

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I read a one-shot a little while ago about the reader and Tom coming home together and he had notes telling her what to do throughout the house? Was wondering what it was called if it sounds familiar to you

from Anonymous

Oh, goodness. That does sound vaguely familiar, but I cannot seem to recall the title of the fic you are seeking. Perhaps one of our readers/writers can refresh my memory. Does anyone know which one shot this is?

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"Winter Nights" is fluffy Loki :) That's the only one I can think of at the moment though.

from the-queen-in-the-n0rth-deactiva

Oh yes! I knew there had to be at least one fluffier Loki fic. Thank you! Readers, you can find Winter Nights right here.

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Well I got my first bit of anon hatemail and it's safe to say I won't be posting on THFrustration anymore. I have enough going on in my life without having to add this into the mix. I'm just going to walk away and let it be what it is. I enjoyed my time here and all the admins are wonderful people thank you for everything.

from sassparza-deactivated20140618

I am so, so sorry to hear you got anon hatemail. People are complete assholes sometimes. I’m really sorry to hear that you are leaving us, as well. :( I admit I am a huge fan of your fics, and I will be sad that you won’t be posting them here any longer. I do hope you will consider updating them on your blog, though. Your stories are way too good to completely discontinue. I will never understand why people feel the need to send anon hate. Once again, I am sorry you had to deal with that. *hugs* I do hope you might reconsider leaving THF, but we will understand if you do not. Thank you for sharing your lovely stories with us all.

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( A/N: Chained Loki Submission. TW: A bit of abuse goes on. angsty?) 

I shifted down the halls, following in Thor’s wake, half ready to run down the gilded tiles from the prison Odin had concocted for his wayward son. I reminded myself that I had asked for this, I had pleaded and begged with Thor to see my husband, had staved off food and sleep until my wish was granted.

The halls through our home were empty, shockingly so. I could see clearly through the breezeway columns to the gardens and grand balconies, watching as we slipped in candlelight past the gay meetings and going-ons just beyond my reach. It seemed as if they always had been, I felt like I had existed just beyond everyone since my husband had changed.

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Hello! This is my first time writing so, do excuse me if the writing style isn’t that good! I’ve been posting at TomCuddlesFic and have about 3 chapters by now.  Just testing the waters here and hopefy you guys enjoy reading it :) The story gets going at Chapter 2 and 3 so hopefully you guys stick around long enough to read those before deciding on it :)

If This Isn’t Love : Chapter 1

                It had been 2 months since I started living here.  With Tom.  No.  We aren’t lovers, although really, it wasn’t lack for wanting on my part.  Alright. Stop. Rewind to 6 months ago.

I had just arrived in London, excited to begin my last year of university on this twinning programme I had applied for.  Along the way, I had made a wonderful friend, Sarah.  I’m sorry, I must have forgotten to introduce myself.  The name is Lixen and I’m turning 23 this year.  She was just awesome, for lack of a better word.  Although we weren’t in the same course, I was in Communications and she was in Fashion, we got along like a house on fire. And! Ended up being housemates. 

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Author’s comment: Wrote the beginning on the bus and didn’t know how it should end but I hope it’s okay :)

The train rocked back and forth along the tracks. With every bump, rock or sway I fell deeper into my sleep. It was late, around 7 or so and I had just gotten off from another grueling day at work. Satan or Tom as some others who actually had respect for the man called him had had running around the whole city of London on errands. First, I had to pick up his laundry which consisted of three dark suits and a couple of extra tickets to the midnight screening next week from the vendor. 

Unable to stay awake any longer, my eyes had slowly closed and everything went dark. A low hum was heard throughout the train, the sound of the engine grinding metal against metal and the sound of the tracks screeching against rust were all heard by my ears. I was paying half attention to my surrounding whiles the other side of me was in la la land. 

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In reference to post/49312662652, they're looking for WISH.

from Anonymous

Ooh, ok. Thank you for letting us know, anon. Readers, you can find Wish right here.

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OMG Show Time. It was amazing. Mind blowing. Great. Exceeded all of my expectations. The icing on the cake was when the OC's name is Alex and that is my name. Well nickname. I was dying. It was great.

from Anonymous

It was a cute fic. Poor Alex. I’d be super embarrassed, too. I’m sure tomscuddlesfic will be happy to hear you liked it so much.

Readers, you can find Show Time right here.

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Do you have any fluffy / sweet Loki fics? I feel like he's super dominant in most of the stories.

from queenoftheprocrastination

Hmm, off the top of my head, I can’t really think of any fics with a sweet, fluffy Loki. Of course, it is 8:10 in the morning and I am still half asleep. lol. I’m gonna open this one to our readers. Guys, do you have any fluffy Loki recommendations?

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