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  that’s a good source for British slang terms. 

I wasn’t the one with the crit about the Americanisms; but I was putting in my input. It’s fanfic and Tom’s been around a lot of Americans. I think some slips are very forgivable.

I’m throwing a lot of this off the top of my head.  So. 

A Brit would never say things like, Tylenol or acetaminophen.  It’s paracetamol. 

Or Airplane. It’s an aeroplane.

Or baby carriage.  It’s a pram or a pushchair.

or booger.  it’s bogey.

or cell phone.  it’s a mobile.

costume party is  fancy dress

counterclockwise is anticlockwise

diaper is nappy.

dishwashing liquid is washing up liquid

drug store is a chemist

dumpster is a skip

don’t ever say, “fanny pack” because reasons.

freeway is motorway unless he’s driving on a US freeway.

gasoline is petrol

to play hooky is to skive off

mail is post

plastic wrap is cling film

scotch tape is sellotape

sidewalk is pavement

curb is kerb

sneaker is trainer or plimsolls

British didn’t normally say that something “sucks,” but from what I understand it’s working its way in, plus don’t forget that Tom’s been around a lot of Americans in his business and it’s probably reached his vocabulary, along with some other Americanisms.  I think with some things it’s very forgivable.

vacation is holiday or hols

washcloth is a flannel

also for spelling.  British spellings rarely use the zed, and it’s often replaced by s.  As in analyse or realise.  Or the c vs. s in defense vs defence.  Also watch the ou and u differences as in behaviour or behavior.  And the er/re difference like theatre and theater or centre and center.

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    Also, HERE. What brilliant sources to keep us Americans accurate. Bless you all for this!
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    and pissed for drunk and brassed for angry row for fight knackered for tired or minging for nasty
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