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TITLE: Servitude


AUTHOR: ServitudeFanfic (justaliceoflegend)


GENRE: Erotica

FIC SUMMARY: Prince Loki Odinson and Lady Elsabeth Kjelland have known one another since childhood and have never seen eye to eye on anything. Loki always found her rude, outspoken, and a know-it-all. But, after her father, Odin’s Head Advisor and most trusted friend, is tried for treason and sentenced to death, Elsa is to remain alive as an indentured servant to the palace. Will Loki take advantage of this? 

RATING: M (shameless smut)

Authors Comments: Plot? What plot? Who needs a plot! Anyways, aren’t yall lucky! Twice in one week after being gone for like…ever. That’s what yall get for all those lovely messages! I love you all dearly! Because I’ve been getting so many questions/comments on my story (especially anons) I started up a side blog for it to keep everything separate from my main blog (where…my irl friends live…>.>) So! Any questions, comments and the like can go there! So we can all have a nice sexy time party together! ;D 

Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Four.

(ADMIN NOTE: OFC is in chains and gagged,  she is physically unable to consent to anything that happens to her. Read with caution!)

Part Five:

Loki rested his head gently against the thick, wooden door. All of his reading and studies had never prepared him for something like this. He tried to imagine what Thor would do in this situation, he was always his father’s favorite child after all. Thor had never had problems taking advantage of the palace servants before. He had easily laid waste to half of them by now. But this, this was different. His brother had been asking many questions lately, far too many for his liking. Thor was acting as if this were completely natural. They were princes, they could have anything they ever wanted, all they had to do was take it.

But, it was different with Elsa.

Loki could never just take her, she always managed to get away and beat him. She could easily hide behind her father’s robes and she would be completely out of his grasp. The one thing in Loki’s life that he could never have was now his for the taking.

But, why couldn’t he take it? Why couldn’t he claim his birthright as prince and take whatever he wanted. Thor would have. Odin would have. What was so wrong with him that he can’t?

Taking in a deep breath, he made his way to the overstuffed couch in the center of his study. He had spent many nights on it throughout his youth, usually falling asleep with a book on top of him and waking up to pages glued to his face from sweat.

Covering his face with his hands, Loki slumped into the couch letting his body melt away into the soft fabric. His breathing stalled, trying to quiet himself enough to hear into the next room.


He wondered if she had fallen asleep, or if she stayed up whimpering like the first night. His body wanted to take him into the next room to watch her, but his mind knew better. She needed to sleep. It wasn’t his place to watch her.

But, he also knew there was a much easier way of getting away with it.

He had been afraid to sleep every night after the first night. He couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t his fault that his dreams wandered into the dark places that his mind tried to force him to avoid. In his dreams he could finally give into his desires, and take what was his. Even though he knew it was wrong. It wasn’t his fault, he just couldn’t help himself.

The sound of his bootsteps echoed across the walls of the chamber, bouncing around the room to mesh with the sounds of rattling chains. He had been there before, many times, he knew the place well. The layout was simple, the four walls pushed back into the reaches of his memory and faded into darkness. In the center, a single light illuminated the object of his desire. Shadows cast over his face, as he looked upon her breathlessly.

Her wrists were tied together and raised above her head until her toes barely touched the floor below her. The shackles of her ankles pulled her feet apart, spreading her legs wide. Her head hung low from exhaustion, and the chains rattled with her every move.

Loki imagined her there, struggling for hours and hours, fighting against herself as he tugged her wrists and ankles against the shackles. There was no way out for her. Only to wait. Her body was completely open to him to view, her bare breasts hung, waiting for him to take them. Her nipples were hard from the cold air that drafted through the stone room. 

He took a few steps forward, taking in the view as he brushed his fingertips against her nipples. Her eyes lazily, fluttered open, as she moaned into the leather gag wrapped around her mouth. With his other hand, he gently passed his the soft pads of his fingertips over his nipple, gently using both hands to make small circles as he ever-so-slightly touched them. He wanted to make sure that she was awake for him.

As her breathing quickened, and her eyes began to focus Loki pinched her nipples between his fingers and twisted them as far as he could, causing her to cry out into the gag.

Loki smirked, “Good morning, pet,” he said, slowly releasing her nipples from his grasp.

Elsa’s body wiggled as she pulled against the restraints, trying to still free herself.

“Don’t tire yourself out now, you won’t be able to enjoy the fun.” Loki took both beasts in his hands and kneaded them against her. Her skin was soft, and smooth just like he had always imagined. And she was so warm. Loki continued to play with her breasts until her struggled for freedom slowly changed into struggles of pushing herself closer and closer into Loki’s grasps.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Loki said, suddenly stopping his movements and releasing her full breasts from his hands. “Don’t seem so eager, pet.”

For a moment, Elsa whined in confusion over the loss of pleasure against her breasts, but she quickly regained herself and continued her struggle against her shackles.

A smirk pulled at the corner of Loki’s mouth as he gently brushed his fingers over her skin as he slowly walked around her, taking in her entire form. She was smooth, and supple. Her breasts bounced up and down as she wiggled her body in a heated attempted to save herself from the inevitable end. Loki had never known Elsa to stop fighting, even when it was foolish for her to continue. He laughed as she shouted into her gag, and tried to move her body away from his fingers as he circled her.

Her struggled against her shackles, pulling her ankles apart, desperately trying to close off her thighs from Loki. She was helpless, her legs spread wide apart, her cunt just waiting there. He could already smell her arousal.

Standing at her back, Loki placed each hand on her hip and gently brushed his hands up and down her curves. She had always had a woman’s figure, even before she was old enough to know how to properly use it. Elsa tried to push herself forward, away from Loki’s hands but it was no use.

“There’s no point in trying to hide it,” Loki said, forcing his touches more deeply into her skin as he brushed his hands up and down her supple body. “You want this,” he said, leaning forward to move his mouth so close to her ear. He whispered, “I can smell it on you.”

At that, Elsa’s legs gave out as she pulled with all her might against the shackles. The sound of chains rustling filled the room as Loki laughed into her neck. Her legs were pulled so far apart that she was barely standing on her toes to balance herself. Her breathing quickened as tugged her wrists as hard as she could, moving her body in any way that her restraints would allow. Loki watched, over her shoulder, as her breasts moved in every direction as she struggled. Soon, her body went limp from exhaustion. He knew she couldn’t have kept it up for much longer.

He placed his hands once again on her hips, however they slowly moved their way down her body and rested on her plump ass. Loki gently moved his hands around her soft skin, every so often pinching and grabbing at her ass, watching as she could squirm away from his touch. Slowly, Loki began to let his fingers wander farther down her body, towards her thighs though staying away from her most intimate parts. He teased the skin as he slowly ran his fingers up and down, trailing them around her open thighs.

Elsa let out a soft moan into her gag, the shackles rattled as she let her body relax into Loki’s touch as he grew closer and closer to her hot center.

“Have you given up so easily?” Loki asked, moving his hands quickly, and stepping back from her body.

Elsa whined into her gag as she tried to push her body into his ghost hands, no longer was her body struggling to be released from its bounds, it was searching for something much different.

Loki rubbed his hands together as he watched her bare ass wiggle, trying to find his fingers again. Letting his hand fly, he forcefully slapped his open palm against her bare ass.

Elsa jumped in surprise at the unexpected contact. She was knocked off her feet, and her body slumped downwards as he tried to regain herself. Though it was too soon before another quick slap stung across her ass. She cried out into her gag as Loki slapped her again and again, she could hear his dark laughter echoing around the room. Elsa’s body began to rock into the spankings, as Loki let his hand fly against her ass causing the quick sensation of pain to be followed by the trickling of pleasure and rained onto her body. Her screams turned into moans, as her body begged for Loki to continue his punishment of her ass with his bare hand.

But, that’s not what she got.

Loki’s spidery fingers wrapped around her neck and pulled her towards him as his mouth crept to her ear. “You seem to be enjoying yourself,” he whispered, running his fingers over her red, tender ass.

Elsa’s body hung limp against her shackles, her wrists still bound and tied high above her head. She could hear the sound of Loki behind her, the soft metallic sound of him removing his belt made her jump to attention.

Loki brought the strap of his metal belt around of body, holding one end in each hand. He gently let it settle on her breasts, as he rubbed the soft leather against her nipples. Instinctively, she tried to wiggle away from the strap, only pushing her bare ass closer into Loki’s chest.

“How does that feel, Elsa?” he asked, swaying the soft leather back and forth over her erect nipples. “It’s almost hard to believe that something so soft could leave such a nasty sting on your pretty skin.” Loki closed his eyes as he took in the feeling of her body pressing against his, as a moan escaped into her gag. “I can make sure you don’t enjoy your spankings this time, pet,” he said, releasing the tension of the belt between his hands, and then quickly snapping it against her erect nipples, “POP”, making Elsa yelp in surprise as she pushed herself further against him.

Loki could feel her ass against his hard erection in his trousers, as she pressed herself against him. Slowly, he began his cycle again as he gently rubbed the soft leather against her tender nipples. He hissed as her naked ass wiggled against him.

Elsa pushed her chest forward, into the soft leather, and her ass backwards, rubbing it against Loki’s hard cock. Her legs were spread wide, and she moaned against her gag as she felt him against her.

Loki let the belt slack as he unlaced his trousers, unleashing his erect cock. Taking it into his hands, his eyes rolled back into his head as he gently teased Elsa’s open, waiting thighs with his hard member. He could hear her whimpering as she tried to push herself towards him. Her head fell backwards as she wiggled her ass to her closer to him. Loki could see her erect nipples bouncing as she struggled against her restraints, begging for contact.

Taking in a deep breath, Loki stilled himself, trying to regain his composure. The fun was not over just yet. Removing himself from her, Loki stepped back and watched as she protested, as her body longed and begged for him to return.

His breathing was heavy as he slowly circled her once more, coming back to face her. Her body screamed out to him, begging him in any way it could while laying there, helpless and wet. So very, very wet for him.

He could barely contain his excitement as Elsa’s eyes fell on him and his hard cock, teasing her. She whimpered against her gag as she looked hungrily upon it.  

“You, pet, need to be taught a lesson,” he said. His voice was husky and voice, barely being able to keep his composure himself. Loki could feel the monster ringing out from his most inner self, wanting to pounce of the waiting, open girl hanging before him. But, he knew. He knew he needed to wait. “A lesson in delayed gratification…”

Holding the belt folded in his hand, Loki trailed it from her shoulder, over her full breast, and down towards her wet cunt. Elsa moaned in pleasure at the contact, though it did not last long enough for her to enjoy herself further until he removed the soft, leather strap and started again at the top of her body.

After he finished those long, and tiresome strokes, he smirked and let the belt fall to her open thigh. He laughed as she trusted herself forward, as he trailed the leather up her open legs and teased near her wet pussy, never allowing any contact. Elsa huffed and puffed as she tugged against the shackles, her breasts bouncing with every tug.

Please,” he  made out from behind her gag. “Please.”

“Please?” He repeated her words, slowing the belt to an almost painful pace. He tilted his head to the side, looking rather confused. “Please…what?”

Elsa moaned against her gag as Loki’s belt neared her center. His eyes narrowed, as he reached forward and grabbed a fist full of her hair, to tilt her head to face him directly. He towered over her short frame, and forced her head back to look up onto his face. The smirk was evident on his face, knowing that he had won.

Please…” she said, taking in a deep breath, she watched as her body trembled against him. “Please, My Prince.”

With the prince satisfied, the soft leather belt crept up Elsa’s open, legs and finally rested on her open, waiting, cunt. He trailed the leather against her, and her head flew back as she rubbed herself against it greedily. She rocked her hips back and forth, and back forth, shaking the shackles with her body. She stood upright, only balancing herself on her toes as her legs remained completely open and outstretched before Loki. Her naked body shook as she rode the belt that the prince held against her, allowing her to pleasure herself in front of him.

Loki’s breathing was heavy, and his eyes were wide as he took in every inch of her naked, trusting form. Letting his hand fall, he quickly struck upwards and let the belt sting against her waiting pussy. Elsa bucked her hips as she screamed in pleasure through her gag.

Letting the belt fall from his hands, Loki heard the metal buckle hit the floor in a clamor. He could wait no longer. Pressing his hard cock against Elsa’s open legs, he played with her opening against his member. He let out a moan as he felt the heat and wetness pouring out of her onto his cock. Gently wrapping his fingers around her throat, Loki entered her slowly, savoring the feeling of her pussy tightening around him.

They both moaned together as Loki trusted into her, using his free hand to steady her shaking body. She pressed herself forward, demanding to have her bound body in contact with all of him. He buried his face in her neck, as he rocked his hips in and out of her wet center. Loki moaned into her ear as he felt her body tense up and begin to quake against him. Her limbs pulled her the restraints as her entire body was taken over with pleasure. She screamed through her gag and threw her head back, but Loki caught her by the hair and forced her to look him in the eye as she road out her orgasm on his thick cock.

Loki. Loki…” she whimpered, as she could barely stand to keep herself upright, if not for the chains.

Wrapping his arms around her, Loki closed his eyes and listened to the sound of her voice calling out his name in pleasure.

Loki. Loki…”

When he opened his eyes, the prince was in his study once again. His breath was quick in his throat as he tried to blink the sleep from his eyes. It was every night. Every night something different, but very much the same. With his hand still wrapped around his cock, he tried to close his eyes to fall back into Elsa calling his name.

“Elsa…” he whispered into the darkness of his study, throwing his arm over his face to cover his eyes. “Elsa.”

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